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Darrow Chemical Company Canadian Tour

Darrow Chemical Company will be invading Canada in August with the help of Black Cat Attack. We’ll post more news on this soon!

New Music and Tour News

Darrow Chemical Company is working on new music again. There is no set date for a release as of now. Stay tuned for more info!

W.H.B. Records Store Open For Business

Our store is open again! We have some limited merchandise available right now so hurry to the store and get it while you can. Visit the store AT THIS LINK!

Grand Prize Winner!!!

And the winner is…

We Hit Our Goal! Thank You For The Support!

We want to thank everyone who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign. Starting one of these and going through with it is really nerve racking for us. We try really hard to give you real good value for your contributions and we try to be as transparent as possible about where these funds go.

At the end of the day, we want to give our supporters our best. At times like this, you really lets us know that it’s appreciated.

We have collected all the information we needed as far as fulfillment. The ordering and printing process has already begun. These items will be filled and shipped before we leave for tour.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
See you on the road!

Natural Born Grillers Tour Poster

Demos, Outtakes & Obscurities

Here is the World Premiere of  ”Anything You Want” from our upcoming release “Demos, Outtakes & Obscurities”

Brian Kellner Joins Our Road Crew

Some of you may have already asked your selves “Well if Dean is now playing rhythm guitar, who is gonna replace Dean?”… Enter Brian Kellner. Brian is a familiar face from our past, present and future. He sang for “The Doomsday Prophecy” and “I Hate the Color of Your Skin”. He has been on both the “Michale Graves” and “Gotham Road” crews in the past and has lent his vocal abilities to Darrow as well as Gotham Road’s albums.

To say we are stoked to have Brian on the road with us would be a HUGE understatement. Welcome Brian Kellner to the Darrow crew for “The Natural Born Grillers Tour”

See ya out there!


Doug Schwenker Steps Down As Guitar Player.

Its with a heavy heart that we share that Doug “The Trunk” Shwenker is no longer a part of Darrow Chemical Company. Doug has stepped aside to go down other paths in life. He was an integral member of our band. Without him, a number of things we accomplished wouldn’t have been possible. We wish Doug the best and are happy to have had a clean amicable split. Doug and his lovely girlfriend Jill will always be a part of this band’s family.

With that said, we must recruit someone to fill his shoes. Enter “Christopher Dean” or “Dean” as you may know him. Dean has worked on Darrow’s crew for 2 years now and filled in for Loki when he had to leave the tour last year. He is an exceptional guitarist and will begin a 45 show audition process this summer. So when you see him out there, remember to give him hell instead of Mikey!

You can check the dates of “The Natural Born Grillers Tour” here!


Our Indiegogo Campaign is Live!

Our Indiegogo campaign is up and running. We put up a bunch of cool perks for everyone. We hope that you like them. Please contribute if you can and share our campaign with your social networks. Thank you so much for all the love and support. It means a lot to us.

Our Indiegogo Campaign Goes Live Today!

Our Indiegogo campaign goes live at 6pm tonight!!! We have some fun things in store and we’re excited about it. We hope that you are too. Stay tuned…

Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign

So we are officially putting together another Indiegogo campaign to jump start our tour. We have held back a lot of details and information so that we could drop it all on you at once with a proper announcement of the tour and the launch of this campaign.

We put a lot of thought into having one theme for both the campaign and the tour. We have some great incentives with an overall fun idea and presentation. We are very excited about it and hope that you will be too.

Its important to us not to be another campaign statistic. We’re not a band that puts minimal time, thought and effort into it… and we don’t sit around with our hand out expecting a ton. The climate of these campaigns has changed in the last year. Seemingly everyone has one nowadays. With that said, we wont just throw a campaign up and expect success. We’ve done a ton of planning and are willing to work to execute our idea. It takes nerve to start one of these and can be way embarrassing if done wrong.

We are confident, armed with ideas and have a full work load ahead of us including another 6 week tour this summer named “The Natural Born Grillers Tour“. We are ready to meet and exceed our goal and are stoked to be working with YOU again to do so.

The Natural Born Grillers Tour Poster

Here is the poster for our upcoming 6 week US tour named “The Natural Born Grillers Tour

Darrow Chemical Company Summer Tour 2014 Update

We will be updating this list often. Please check our SHOWS section for all the latest tour dates and info!

Darrow Chemical Company hits the road for their third coast to coast tour this summer. Catch them “Live” here:

06/26/14 Clifton, NJ Dingbatz
Event Page

06/27/14 Pittsburgh, PA 31st Street Pub
Event Page

06/28/14 Covington, KY Backstage Cafe
Event Page

06/29/14 Columbus, OH O’Sheckys LIVE
Event Page

07/01/14 Charleston, WV The Blue Parrot
Event Page

07/02/14 Roanoke, VA Backstreet Cafe’
Event Page

For more dates CLICK HERE!!!

W.H.B. Records Merchandise Store

We have been kinda quiet lately waiting to drop some solid information on the tour name, dates, tour poster, some new art and shirt designs we’ve held back. A few projects are in the works. Hopefully this week we will start releasing some of that to you.

With that said, some items in our store are low in stock or will no longer be remade as to make room for some new items. We are also raising money for some new merchandise and you will have opportunity to have the first crack at it soon. Helping us kill off the old stock, gets the new stock here faster!

Visit our store HERE!

Upcoming Summer Tour!

Darrow Chemical Company is in the process of planning and routing a summer US tour. We plan to see all of you from the end of June through the beginning of August! If you are a promoter and would like to book Darrow Chemical Company at your venue… please send all booking inquiries to WHB Booking

We will be making frequent updates regarding the tour and to the shows page. Keep checking back for the latest info!

Plastic Smile is out now!

The Plastic Smile EP has officially been released. It is now available through iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify and just about anywhere else that you can buy music digitally. Physical copies are available in OUR STORE! Buy your copy today!


Darrow Chemical Company Unleashes New Song!

Darrow Chemical Company released a song off their upcoming EP, “Plastic Smile”, on YouTube today. Please check out the song, “W.H.B.”! Help us spread the word by sharing the video if you can! And remember you can pre-order “Plastic Smile” and buy other merch from Our Store. Want to see Darrow Chemical Company live? Check out Our Tour Schedule! Hope you enjoy the song!

Darrow Chemical Company – W.H.B.

Darrow wins spot on this year's Warped Tour at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel NJ on July 7th

We are stoked to announce that we have been chosen to play the NJ date of Vans Warped Tour at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ on Sunday July 7th. Thank you so much for the continued support. We won’t disappoint!

Darrow Warped Tour

"Plastic Smile" EP is up for pre-order!

Our upcoming EP, “Plastic Smile”, is now up for pre-order at our online store. The release date is set for July 20th. Pre-order your copy today!


"Plastic Smile" EP cover art by James Rowe revealed!

Cover art for Darrow Chemical Company's upcoming EP, "Plastic Smile". Due out July 20th

Cover art for Darrow Chemical Company’s upcoming EP, “Plastic Smile”. Due out July 20th

Check out the cover art for our upcoming EP “Plastic Smile” by artist James Rowe. The EP is currently being mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music. Official release date is July 20th! More information coming soon!!!

Check out the official tour poster for The Return of the Touring Dead Tour!

Catch Darrow Chemical Company on tour this summer! Check shows link for details...

Catch Darrow Chemical Company on tour this summer! Check shows link for details…
Artwork by Liz Gruesome

Production On Our Upcoming E.P. "Plastic Smile" Has Begun!

Yesterday, we started production on our upcoming E.P., “Plastic Smile” at SBS Recordings. This E.P. will consist of six new original songs. Production is scheduled to wrap up at the end of the month. Keep posted for all the latest news and info!

Darrow Chemical Company Plastic Smile Ad

Our Indiegogo Project Has Concluded

Our Indiegogo project has successfully concluded! We were able to exceed our goal by a little more than $2,000.  This will go a long way into helping us realize our business and musical goals. We truly feel humbled by all the support we have received. Going through with this campaign wasn’t an easy decision. It’s one that we thought out carefully and did our best to provide a return for your contributions.

We are in the beginning stages of order fulfillment for the Indiegogo perks. All merchandise is scheduled to be shipped in accordance with the release of our EP. The date is still tentative at this time but we are working hard on a July 13th release date. Contributors that chose the advanced copy perk will then receive their EP on July 6th. We will announce an official release date as soon as possible.

We have been working hard at trying to step up our game musically and professionally. We’re excited about what the future has to offer. We have a lot of news coming your way within the next few weeks about our new EP and our US tour, scheduled for July. Many of the tour dates have already been posted on our website, but we will be adding more dates as we confirm them.

Again, thank you so much. We appreciate it more than you know. More news and info coming soon!

Darrow Chemical Company

We Have Reached Our Indiegogo Goal! Thank You!!!

We are excited and pleased to announce that we have reached our Indiegogo goal!!! There are no words to truly express how grateful we are and how much we appreciate the support. You are a big part of our success. We will continue to work hard to make this money go as far as it possibly can.

When we were planning our campaign, we concluded that $10,000 was attainable and that it was a good starting point for what we were planning. The plan all along was to purchase a reliable tour van. It was also to record, mix, master, press and distribute a new EP. There will be physical and electronic distribution. We planned for physical distribution through CD baby this time around to make our EP more accessible in more places. We planned to purchase promo materials for the upcoming tour and EP. We have plans for new merchandise, plus, we need to restock old merchandise. We need to fulfill our obligations from the Indiegogo campaign, which means manufacturing and shipping all perk items.

One item that fell through in our tour plans is the need for a trailer for our equipment. We thought we had one lined up but that recently fell through the cracks. This is where we would like to call on you for continued support. We would like for you to contribute if you can, but just as important, we would like to ask you to keep promoting and pushing this campaign til it expires. The more money we raise the more action we’ll be able to take on all our plans. Not to mention it will raise the quality of touring vehicle that we’ll be able to purchase. It will also help us secure a trailer for all our equipment. We can’t put enough stress on the reliability factor of our van purchase. We don’t want to be in a one and done touring situation. We want to purchase something that will service us for a few years. This is why it’s important to continue to push our Indiegogo numbers.

We thank you again. You have inspired us to work as hard as ever. It’s moments like these that make all the hard work, struggle and sacrifice worth it. We hope to see you this summer on our US tour. You can find all the latest tour info in our shows section!

Darrow Chemical Company

Darrow Chemical Company Announces US Tour

Darrow Chemical Company has announced that they will tour the US this summer, starting in late July. Dates will be posted on this website as they are confirmed. Please check back with us for all tour updates and info. You can find the info for all  tour dates HERE!

We Have Launched an IndieGoGo Campaign!

Darrow Chemical Company is reaching out to its family, friends and fans for help! We have created an IndieGoGo campaign with a goal of $10,000 to help raise capital for our business ventures in 2013. Our plans include the recording and production of a new EP due out this summer, a summer tour of the US (currently being booked), adding and restocking merchandise and most importantly we’re looking to buy a reliable tour van.

In Darrow… we have done a great job of making ourselves appear bigger than what we are. We always aim to widen our horizons with new merchandise and we do our best to give you the best production value in our music.

The fact is we don’t have label support. The demand for Darrow Chemical Company has exceeded what we’re capable of doing on our own. And that’s a great thing! We are opening up our doors and inviting you to be our label. Team up with us and help us position ourselves to be as successful as we can be. With our resources and work ethic, we can make the money invested go a lot further than most.

We could not possibly expect you guys to contribute for nothing in return. That’s why we worked hard to come up with fun and valuable incentives. IndieGoGo only allows for 12 incentives to be active at a time, so a lot of the incentives will only appear for a limited time. If you see something you like, you should grab it immediately cause you never know how long it’ll be up for.

We’re musicians working hard to entertain and inspire you. Please contribute in any way you can and share our page. Esxposure is key.
Share this link: http://igg.me/at/DarrowChemicalCompany/x/2617259

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
Slayer be with you

Lone Star State E.P.

Our new E.P. entitled Lone Star State will be available September 4th 2012

Buy it and hear some tunes here:


Thank you for all of your support!

New Website!

We finally have our own little place on the website. Other than all of our social networking sites, make sure to keep up with our website as well!

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